The importance of business-grade email hosting

Email has become one of the primary contact points for all business and is paramount to the operation of many services. Indeed, many businesses come to a screaming halt when email is not working or is having major issues.

How would your business be affected if your email system went down?

Business-grade email solutions should be used to ensure your email just works. These solutions frequently include extra features which can make running your business easier, such as online storage, shared calendars and large mailbox storage.

Why should I pay extra for email hosting, doesn’t my website have this built in?

Yes—as part of many website hosting services such as cPanel or Plesk, email is a free add-on.

The primary purpose of all website hosting however, is to ensure that your website is available for the world to see. When hosting your email alongside your website there are many things that can go wrong such as emails not reaching their intended recipient, or worse, your website getting blacklisted due to SPAM issues.

To ensure your business’ web services continue to function correctly, website hosting and email should be separated.

If I shouldn’t host my email with my website, where can I?

Email should be hosted with business-grade email hosting providers who have your back (and millions of others) in the event of a wide-scale outage. We would suggest using Microsoft Office 365 or Google GSuite for your email solutions due to the following reasons:

  • Email is stored on redundant servers with the full support of Microsoft or Google
  • Large email quotas starting from 30GB per user
  • SPAM and malware filters built in
  • Ability to sync email between devices such as computer, phone and tablet
  • Shared calendars between team members
  • Many other features available depending on licence subscription

But how much does this all cost?

Depending on your needs, business email hosting solutions can start from around $7.00 + GST per user per month. You only need to pay for the accounts required and these can be added to at any time, growing with your business.

What’s next?

We at Argon can chat through your requirements for business email and even assist with the setup of services directly. Once your email services are configured with either Office 365 or Google GSuite you will very rarely need assistance—but we are always here to help!

Give us a call on 08 8223 3099 or email to start the conversation 🙂

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