How using video content is boosting website performance

Photo of a video camera filming a scene in the background. We are looking into the camera as if we are operating it, and the background scene is slightly out of focus.

Captivating banners, beautiful animations, memorable play-on-demand ads, and interesting explainers and testimonial videos … not sure what to invest in and why?

We’re here to make it easy.

We get it.

Your website is a key stop your audience makes before engaging your organisation, so you need your online home to be working for you as hard as it can.

Maybe it needs to sell a service or a product? Perhaps it should be raising donations for a charitable cause?

Whatever the case, you’re after conversions—and to convert more, you need your website to do these three things well:

  1. Rank highly in search engines so it can be found by your target audience
  2. Engage and educate visitors with compelling content and a clear message
  3. Challenge visitors to act with prominent calls to action

The good news? Incorporating creative video content into your website helps with all of these.

Supercharge your search engine optimisation (‘SEO’) and website engagement with well-produced videos.

Quality video content is shown to increase the amount of time visitors spend on websites.

Research data collected by Wyzowl details that 86% of video marketers say video has uplifted website traffic, and 82% say video has increased the amount of time visitors spend on their website.

By keeping visitors engaged and on your site longer you’ll reduce your ‘bounce’ rate, which is a metric that goes up when visitors leave your site quickly.

Both increased time on site and reduced bounce rate are recognised by search engines and can improve how your website ranks in their results, helping to bring even more traffic to you.

Book more clients. Sell more products. Raise more money. Whatever it is, video will help you do more of it.

With more customers spending more time with you and with your site more easily found in search engines—you should get more sales, yes?

Well, according to ReadWrite research, landing page videos can increase conversion rates up to a whopping 130% and you can outrank sites without video by up to 53 times.

Those are some chunky numbers!

Video content has become the not-so-secret sauce of successful website marketing—it’s a cat that’s well and truly out of the bag.

So, avoid missing out or falling behind your competitors.

In today’s frantic, fast-paced world of online engagement, viral marketing, and seemingly shorter and shorter attention spans, where more and more people are making decisions based on the filmed media they consume, integrating video marketing into your website strategy is a no brainer.

Not only will you help yourself be discovered by more of your target audience, you’ll better communicate the benefits of your product or service, and—most importantly—you’ll drive the actions and purchasing decisions that ultimately drive your success as well.

Make videos for your website. Grow and succeed. It’s that easy. Start the journey today with our creative and savvy video production services so you can boost your website performance—contact us on 08 8223 3099 or email

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