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WordPress Hosting Designed To Grow Your Business

Properly configured hosting and core web vitals are a must if you want your website to load quickly, run smoothly, and be better secured against cyber threats.

The speed and performance of your website is directly associated with the credibility of the company you use to host your website, as well as their location in the world.


Did you know that your online Australian visitors will suffer slower download times if your website is hosted internationally?

We use an Australian server for our Adelaide and interstate clients, resulting in quicker load times and superior website performance.

Learn about the importance of business-grade email hosting.


There are thousands of web hosting options out there and it’s important to know where they’re based and what they offer.

At Argon, we’ve curated two packages that are faster, safer, and better. Managed here in Australia, they’re designed to support and fuel growth for local businesses.

The basics done right

Recommended for most simple information-based websites.

WordPress Hosting on cPanel
  • Up to 3GB of storage
  • 1 hour incremental back ups for 7 days
  • Australian-based hosting servers
  • Outbound SPAM filtering
  • Up to 15GB bandwidth per month
  • Redundant DNS cluster

Optimised for growth

Recommended for enhanced speed, SEO, and security.

WordPress Hosting on AWS with Core Web Vitals
  • Up to 10GB of storage
  • Backups every 6 hours
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services - Australia
  • Outbound SPAM filtering
  • Google core web vitals optimisation included
  • Content delivery network and DNS cluster

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