Kookaburra Kids.

A feel-good, easy-to-navigate website to capture donations and support for a great cause.

Kookaburra Kids are a national charity who were hampered by an outdated website built using a pre-made theme that was hard to edit and update.

Another big problem was the website hadn’t been properly maintained—it simply wasn’t intuitive or easy to use. The team at Kookaburra Kids were therefore very receptive to any recommendations we could offer as to how to make this simpler and improve the user experience.

We started with a colourful, kid-friendly custom design that would be straightforward to maintain.

We even provided complimentary training—as we do for all our websites—so the Kookaburra Kids team could log into the website and make edits with ease.

Importantly, we introduced a system that empowered Kookaburra Kids to take donations directly on their website so they no longer had to send visitors off-site to external sources.

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