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With the explosion of Internet capable mobile devices and tablets the web Industry has undergone some quite significant changes recently. Rather than websites being viewed primarily on desktop monitors which were all roughly the same size, we now have many different screen sizes ranging from small 3 inch screens right up to big 50″ widescreen TV’s and beyond! The challenge web designers face is how do we make a website look appealing and functional across all devices.

Enter Responsive Design, 2013 has been hailed as the “Year of Responsive Design” which essentially is a new technique that has emerged which adjusts the website to the screen it is being viewed on to fit within its width.

Below is an example site, Time Magazine on three different devices, a Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop screen.

There are many advantages to having a Responsive design such as…

Save Time and Cost

Rather then building a separate mobile website or application you only need to focus on the one website. This will not only save on initial cost but also ongoing updating costs only having to update the one site instead of two.

Increase your reach on tablet and mobile audiences

Users are much more likely to engage with your website if it is responsive and they do not have to constantly zoom in to read content, or to click menus. This can frustrate users to the point where they do not enjoy navigating a site so are unlikely to return.

Search Engine Benefits

Google’s help page on “Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites” recommends a responsive web design above other approaches. They suggest that a single URL helps Google assign indexing properties for the content, load time is reduced because no redirection is needed, and it saves resources for your site and Google’s crawlers. These can certainly help your site rank higher in the search results.

If you would like to build a responsive site or would like to convert your current site to responsive get in touch with our Adelaide, SA web designers.

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