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Premium Website Hosting on AWS

Our premium hosting through Amazon Web Services (AWS) will ensure your website has a high level of protection through a trusted brand.

AWS servers come with proactive firewall protection and ongoing vulnerability scanning for your website.

This product builds onto our Standard hosting adding further redundancies . Google search optimisation is also available to help your site rank higher with optimisations of Google Core Web Vitals built in.

Our accounts with AWS come with the following monthly limits

Bandwidth / month:


The total amount of data that can be transferred to and from a website within a one-month period.

Local storage:


This is like the storage room for your website. It holds everything—your website files, pictures, and anything you upload. Before you add pictures or documents, it’s a good idea to optimise them for the website. This way, you use your storage space wisely, and your website runs smoothly.

Cloud storage:

We make copies of your website images and keep them in our fast cloud storage. This helps your website load faster when people visit. It’s like having a speedy backup for your pictures, making sure your website looks great and loads quickly!

Visits / month:


Visits per month refers to the number of individual sessions or interactions that occur on a website within a one-month period.

Database storage:


Database storage refers to the allocated space on a server where the website’s data, such as user information, content, and other structured information, is stored.

PHP memory:


The amount of system memory (RAM) allocated to execute PHP scripts on a web server. The PHP memory limit determines how much memory is available for running PHP scripts, and it’s important for ensuring that complex or resource-intensive scripts can execute properly without causing server issues or crashes.

CPU usage:


The amount of a server’s central processing unit (CPU) capacity that is being used by the websites and applications hosted on that server. It is a measure of the workload and processing demands placed on the server’s CPU at any given time.

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If any of these limits are reached, rest assured your website will continue to function. Your Project Manager will reach out to discuss what limits are being reached and if there is anything you can do to bring them back down. Should limits get exhausted regularly we will discuss increasing the specs at an additional charge.

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