Why a good website strategy requires a memorable hero

The hero section of your website is the first thing that visitors see without having to scroll down.

This is typically the top area of your home page, sometimes called ‘above the fold’—in reference to folded newspapers that have their showcase headlines in their top half.

As the first experience most people are likely to have with your website, the hero section is without a doubt the most important part of your entire site.

It’s this simple: if you’re not making the right impression and engaging your target markets with your hero, you’re losing business and are in need of a new website strategy.

Why? Because there’s a good chance that visitors are leaving your site before they even scroll past the hero section.

The harsh reality is that unless someone already has a touchpoint with your business such as a personal referral, then you’re just as anonymous to them as any competitor in your industry—so why should they engage you over another business?

You need to make them care—and it starts with a website strategy that gets your hero section right.

The secret to successful brands is that they’re not necessarily the ones with the best products and services, they’re the ones that communicate the clearest and quickest to their preferred audience.

Someone should be able to look at the hero section of your website for 10 seconds and understand these key points:

  1. Who you are
  2. Who your target audience is
  3. What’s in it for your audience if they engage you (benefits to customers)
  4. How you want your audience to engage you (through clear calls to action—’call now’, ‘shop now’, ‘book online’, and so on)

If your hero section isn’t doing all the above, then your website is likely leaking business opportunities every time a new prospect visits it.

People are increasingly time poor and bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day. So, if you’re requiring people to exert effort to get to the bottom of why they should give you their business, there’s a good chance you’re losing out to a competitor who is communicating with clarity.

Taking a ‘Less is more’ and ‘short, sharp, and shiny’ approach when it comes to your marketing messages is key to a successful website strategy. The last thing you want is for visitors to be greeted by a large paragraph or wall of text on your website—a surefire way to lose business.

Speak with our experienced and friendly team about creating a memorable hero that immediately engages through the right mix of images and words tempered by a winning website strategy for brand growth and success. Contact us on 08 8223 3099 or email info@argon.com.au.

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