How a Facebook Page can market your Business

More and more businesses are turning to Social Media to help promote their brand and they are starting at the biggest daddy of them all… Facebook. These days there are over 500 Million people using Facebook (thats roughly one in every 14 people in the world!). But the question businesses want to know is how can having a Facebook page help my business?

Well ask yourself this, How many times would your potential and current clients visit your website? once a month? once a year? only when they are looking to engage in business?… Now ask yourself how often do you think your current/potential clients would check their personal Facebook accounts? Once a day? multiple times a day? are the most likely answers!

By having a Facebook page you can make sure your news and updates do not go unnoticed! Simply post status updates on your Business page and those that “like” your page will have your post appearing in their news feed. Facebook provides an easy way to connect with these customers and, at the same time, gives you a platform for viral marketing.

How does viral marketing work?

You post something of interest on your business page, which then appears on the news feed for everyone who “likes” your page. If these people interact with your post, then your post appears on their friends’ news feeds. With interesting and engaging content, you can quickly reach hundreds or thousands of people.

Update your page with timely, useful and relevant information. Give people something of value, and they will share this information with their friends. Before you know it, your business will go viral.

This is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and get your business noticed. The higher the number of “likes” you have the more potential reach each one of your updates has! Try and encourage users to “like” your page. You can offer Facebook users exclusive specials or content that others do not receive.

Like all social media avenues though, keep your interaction personal and friendly, and don’t make it sound like a sales pitch. Users are likely to get annoyed and “unlike” your business if you are posting content that they do not find useful!

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