The advantage of a consistent brand message

The advantage of a consistent brand message

Let’s start with a question. As a business owner, what do you aim to get out your brand? It’s not a trick. Do you want a pretty logo to sit next to your name? Is it just something that all the other organisations are doing, so you feel obliged to imitate? Or are brands created only to help businesses appear professional? Wrong, wrong and wrong. The most successful brands focus on long-term consumer recognition.

A business’ brand message must be communicated constantly and consistently to keep a company’s products front-of-mind. Many businesses recognise the need for ‘constant’ brand exposure over an extended period. However, sustaining a strong level of ongoing publicity will often lead to a drop in ‘message consistency’.

Every piece of outgoing collateral is an opportunity to showcase a continuous brand message; no matter its assumed importance. Whether it’s an employee business card, a website design or a promotional product campaign, each item is strengthened by its association with the rest. By implementing consistent colours, image characteristics, voice and typographic treatments, customers quickly identify each element as an extension of an organisation; increasing brand credibility and recognisability. Understandably, businesses that appear credible and trustworthy have a powerful advantage over their competitors.

A consistent brand gains immediate recognition.

In this day and age, most advertisements are typically viewed for only seconds at a time. Social media posts, billboard displays and email send-outs are observed and absorbed for mere moments before viewers move onto the next ‘shiny thing’. A consistent visual approach optimises these few precious seconds by providing instant recognition of your brand style. Therefore, it’s paramount that every piece of collateral has a familiar brand message, across all formats.

How is your brand consistency looking?

Alright, here’s the scary bit. Take a stiff drink and lay out all of your branding collateral. Do they all match? Do your stationery items speak to your advertisements? Are all of your social media campaigns highlighting the same brand message? If not, it might be time to address your marketing strategy. Focusing on consistent key messages and brand visuals helps reinforce your business’ credibility and, ultimately, makes your products easier to recognise.

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