Kooky Christmas Adverts

Most people would agree that Christmas is one of the most advertised and consistently branded elements of our lives. From the images of falling snow (despite Australian temperatures in the mid 30s) to plump men in red to their Elvish helpers we have been bombarded with a stereotypical notion of what the festive season brings.

This is not a surprise considering since as early as the 1900’s ‘Christmas’ branding has been selling everything from soft drinks, household goods, cleaning products, confectionary, cigarettes and even weaponry!

We’ve had a look back at some vintage advertisements that leapt aboard the ever-present Christmas advertising bandwagon that would seem a little out of place in this day and age.

Vintage Guinness Christmas Ad 1930s

The vintage Guinness Ad that is as regular as Christmas ad, circa 1930s.

Stevens Rifle Christmas ad, December 1906

An ultra creepy Santa Claus lurches with a gun over a young boy while he sleeps. Stevens Rifle Christmas ad, 1906.

Hoover Advertisement 1950s

Just what makes every girl happy, a new vacuum cleaner! Hoover Ad, circa 1950’s.

Lucky Strike Christmas ad, January 1937

Well that explains why Santa always uses the chimney, he needs somewhere to light his cigarette. Lucky Strike Christmas ad, 1937.

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