Chandran Thinc.

A professional, streamlined website that ticks all the right boxes.

When Chandran came to us, all he needed was a simple website to communicate what he does and to help him come across as credible to anyone who looked him up online.

It’s a common problem—one that many businesses have. You don’t want to be embarrassed by your website, and you just need something that gets the job done. It’s a challenge we’re familiar with, and one we tackled again here.

Opting for an intuitive single-page design plus a blog, we delivered an elegant, cost-effective solution that stands apart from more complex multipage websites. For this project, all website content was provided by Chandran.

“I loved the process of working with Jason and the team at Argon. Their support went beyond designing a website, from defining the name of the company and designing the brand, to delivering a website with clarity that matched the consultancy’s strategy, purpose and vision.”

Chandran – Chandran Thinc.

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