John Purl.

Clear messaging, a refreshed look, and a brand new website showcased this business to the world.

John Purl came to us with an existing website that needed to be overhauled from the ground up.

We started by revitalising his key messaging and branding so these would accurately reflect his business and goals, providing a solid foundation for the website design and development process.

Our team accomplished this by running a messaging workshop where we unpacked just who John Purl was, who was in his target audience, and what problems his business solved for his clients. This allowed us to clarify and bring focus to his words and visuals, while our in-house designers and developers then got to work creating a brand new custom website.

We also recommended and collaborated closely with the photographer on this project to ensure the images, messaging, and branding would complement and support each other.

“When I decided to re-invest in my branding and website, I reached out to the team at Argon. What I loved about the process was they invested time in getting to know me, my business, and my target market. This enabled them to build a story around what I am delivering and the benefit to my clients. The result is a website and branding that perfectly reflects me, my business and the journey my clients go on. I have been incredibly impressed with the process, the team, and the result. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

John Purl

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